Laws of Gravity for a Carnation

Your are alive inside me, growing there.
We could be beautiful together, you and I.
We could, for instance, have a drink.
A carnation could fall into our soul.
A tree could ticktack, next to us.
My heart, my brain...
Nothing of that.

You are attracted to that carnation
and I give it to you.
Your turn. You give it
to another, someone else more handsome
And he to someone else, close by.
All at once, a single carnation – 
in a chain.

See how our love grows.
I am touching you. I'm
getting warm. This is 
something else.
The seven colors, look,
they are turning white.
We are becoming one in silence.

Edip Cansever

Translated from Turkish by Adnan Onart & Victor Howes
Published in International Poetry Review, Spring 2001