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Cyprus's Bad Period & The Passport You Asked For, 
Two books in one volume - Dislocation and Diaspora.

Cyprus's Bad Period by Kenneth Rosen, the established and prolific poet, now professor emeritus with multiple stays abroad as a Fulbright-scholar and lecturer, conveys Professor Rosen's reflections through  his first hand, sometimes refreshingly  mischievous observations on Cypriot dislocation and diaspora. Cyprus's Bad Period paints the entanglements of an historical moment, not only through Greek and Turkish perspectives; but also from the multi-faceted cultural perspective, sometimes invoking Franz Kafka, the Czech Jew, and Marianne Moore, the wild Victorian American-Irish spinster, thus combining political insight and concern for informed ambiguity with a lyric precision honed over decades.

The Passport You Asked For deals with the history and culture of Tatar Crimea, and specifically with the unjust deportation and diaspora of Crimean Tatars. The book recreates such historical figures as Mengli Giray and Numan Çelebi Cihan, and proposes a modern rendition of the Çora Batır saga in five fictional fragments. The title of the book is drawn from a three-piece sequence describing the tragedy of Mahmut Musa. Nothing about Tatar culture would be complete without the tender celebration of Bozturgay and Çibörek; so the book contains two poems about them. Some of the poems are light-hearted in tone, expressing the conviction that no culture, no nation can mature without a degree of self-deprecation. Since The Passport You Asked For is about Tatar dislocation, some poems reflect the daily life in Istanbul, and others life in in the USA; some touch to the heaviness of being a Muslim, a Turkish Muslim, in the United States post-9/11. The Passport You Asked for is dedicated to Mustafa Cemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatars' non-violent struggle for human rights and return to their ancestral homeland.

Both collections insist on the usefulness and authority of the entirely personal, poetic perspective on current  and historical events.

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Third Annual Nazım Hikmet Poetry Festival Chapbook 

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The chapbook of the Third Annual Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival opens with a paper given by the festival's guest speaker, Murat Nemet-Nejat: "Eda, Intimations from Turkish Poetry." The rest of the chapbook is dedicated to poems submitted by the winners of the poetry competition. The festival and the poetry competition were organized by American Turkish Association of North Carolina. The festival, which took place on April 17, 2011 in Cary, NC was made possible by a major grant from the Turkish Cultural Foundation. The festival organizers were Buket Aydemir, Pelin Bali, Mehmet C. Ozturk and Birgul Tuzlali.

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The Cool Hand of Unseen, The Charles River Journal, September 2009 

As anyone who is reading this is about to discover, "Turkish: A Dictionary of Delights", is not a dictionary in the normal sense (...) it's an incorrect one: The definitions are true but they are not right." from the Introduction. 

From Amazon's Editorial Review: Especially timely in light of debates about Turkey's entrance into the European Union, this lexical tour de force and sui generis book in the tradition of Sterne and Borges uses the dictionary genre to inject polemic into certain forbidden discourses involving Turkish language, politics, sexuality, and history. It also introduces the Turkish universe in all its intimacy from the perspective of a personal Wirkungsgeschichte. The "definitions" are presented with a sense of wit and political incorrectness that one does not usually associate with sacred Ottoman subjects such as the hammam and revered political icons such as Ataturk. Presented as a found manuscript, the book is edited by Roger Conover, the well-known Editor at MIT Press.

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"A well design internet protocol is poetry." Well, nobody said that. But writing a book of 540 pages on an approximately 30 page long protocol took a good and painful two years of us. I couldn't afford not to advertise it on this page. So here it is:  VRRP: Increasing Reliability and Failover with the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. My colleague Ayikudy Srikanth and I said "never, never again!" But we are told, women forget easily the birth giving experience, men the misery of the war. Authors must be even more forgetful.

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Written by experts who contributed to the design of the VRRP protocol and participated actively in its deployment. Your best introduction to this powerful high-availability tool. Examines the general characteristics of the protocol and its usage.

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"A detailed and clearly written book that is an invaluable resource to all VRRP users and implementers." 
--Scott Bradner, Senior Technical Consultant, Harvard University

By employing the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), administrators can ensure that their networks remain up and running, thereby eliminating expensive downtime. Using VRRP to avoid network outages is essential to building accessible, robust networks, and central to the implementation of successful disaster recovery models. Written by experts who contributed to the design of the VRRP protocol and participated actively in its deployment, VRRP: Increasing Reliability and Failover with the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol is your best introduction to this powerful high-availability tool.

VRRP examines the general characteristics of the protocol and its usage. The emphasis is on translating the protocol specification into a tutorial form ideal for day-to-day users of VRRP. In addition to introducing the technology, this book provides an in-depth analysis, featuring extensive material on configuring, managing, and troubleshooting VRRP. Precursors to this protocol, such as Cisco's HSRP and DEC's IPSTP, are also discussed. Various vendor-specific extensions to VRRP--and their use in solving specific high-availability problems not addressed by VRRP--are also examined.

Network administrators and managers, protocol implementers, practicing professionals, researchers, and students exploring the area of high availability will gain a solid understanding of the core concepts of reliability and redundancy based on VRRP, as well as the particulars of the VRRP protocol and how to implement it.

The appendixes provide the necessary background for networking and TCP/IP, the full text of VRRP MIB, a study of actual VRRP implementations and an analysis of public-domain software available for VRRP over Linux, an overview of the VRRP state machine using SDL flowcharts and UML diagrams, and an analysis of the protocol through formal logic.

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