About Poems

 Ribbon TimeThree poems of this series (Week Before, The Moment and An Hour After) have been published in the Spring 2002 issue of Prairie Schooner magazine. The whole series is contained in a "double-decker" we published together with Ken Rosen: Cyprus's Bad Period / The Passport You Asked For.
 Communist BanditOne of the three poems that got me included among the winners among the winners of Nazım Hikmet poetry competition 2011. The chapbook of the festival is still available online.
 No Love No Citywas chosen as a semifinalist in Naugatuck River Review's 3rd annual narrative poetry contest, and published in the Winter 2012 issue of review
 Bus 57has been published in the Summer 2013 issue of Naugatuck River Review. Bus 57 operates between Kenmore Square and Watertown Yard, in Boston, MA.
Cengiz first appeared in a "double-decker" we published together with Ken Rosen: Cyprus's Bad Period / The Passport You Asked For.
Family in Miniature I wrote this poem in 2005 - in memory of Huriye Imre right after the Thanksgiving family reunion - in response to a workshop assignment from Susan Donnelly . The topic must have been exploring "colors" in our poems. It is difficult to remember who was participating to the workshop at that moment, but I like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of our workshop leader and participants at large to the improvement of the initial draft.