Poetry shines, after all, as a beacon of hope through darkness

Victor Howes reads one of his "light verse" style poems addressing the historical puzzle who actually wrote Shakespeare's plays: Marlowe, Francis Bacon or a hired hand from Hollywood. Victor is teacher of many aspiring poets of the area; it is always a pleasure to see him engaged.
Mary Buchinger Bodwell reading samples from her Gilgamesh poems. We had an interactive audience in the room. They interacted with the featured readers. Mary is one of local poets who doesn't enjoy sitting on her laurels; she experiments, pushes the limits. Her exploration of the Sumerian epic is an excellent example for this.

The First and The Last Word - Poetry Reading

Some Kind of Reflections

It is such a good feeling to experience a few moments of sanity in a world where things seem to get crazier and crazier every second. The moment we say it can get any worse, more gruesome, we keep getting unpleasantly surprised: luckily beauty, arts, poetry bring a touch of fresh air and we manage to go on. 

Something of Interest

for the month of September

Poetry Magazine comes with a companion podcast every month, in which some poets read poems published in the issue. Many times, you can also listen to discussions about the essays included in the magazine. Audio, definitely, augments the experience and makes the content accessible to a larger audience.